• Did you Miss the October General Meeting?

    For those who couldn’t attend… We present the video highlights from of October’s General Meeting: “INNOVATION – What does it take to create the right environment?” by Patricia Jones

  • ASQ Chicago Training Institute

    The ASQ Chicago Training Institute offers local courses in Quality Assurance, Engineering and Management. Take one of our popular ASQ Certification Review classes and energize your career! The ASQ Chicago Training Institute… Providing Quality in Education since 1946.

  • Are you a Quality Evangelist?

    “A Quality Evangelist is a dedicated professional that actively promotes the use of proven Quality techniques and business models through: practical application, mentoring, publishing, public speaking, teaching, volunteerism, or other means. The word evangelist is taken from the context of religious evangelism and the practice of disseminating a particular set of beliefs with the intention of converting the recipients.”

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Wednesday 5 November 2014, from: to:
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