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Presentation from the November General Meeting 🗓

Presentation: Section General Meeting Wednesday, November 12th

Stonegate Conference Center 2401 West Higgins Road Hoffman Estates, IL

Change Management – Successful Strategies For Planning In An Ever-Changing Environment” Presented by: Scott Stribrny

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Scott Stribrny, (speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur, with over 30 years of experience in organizational change) will explore large-scale organizational change and continuous improvement and will provide a cogent illustration of the various interventions that lead to success.

Change is something companies must do if they are to survive and compete in today’s business world. The successful management of change using a project-based intervention is crucial for any organization to succeed in the highly competitive and evolving global business environment.

For many, expensive flaws persist in their approach to change. This presentation examines effective models of change along with key operating assumptions worth understanding. Discussion will address how to assess readiness for change including organizational members’ shared resolve to implement a change (change commitment) and shared belief in their collective capability to do so (change efficacy). Organizational readiness for change varies as a function of how much organizational members value the change and how favorably they appraise three key determinants of implementation capability: task demands, resource availability, and situational factors.

This presentation will describe both successful and unsuccessful efforts to bring about large-scale change and will provide a cogent illustration of the various interventions that lead to success. Two major questions will be addressed:

  1. What are reliable operating assumptions about dealing with change, and how do you apply them?
  2. What are approaches for dealing with change, and how do you recognize and choose among them?


stribnyScott Stribrny is the Cofounder, President, and Managing Director of Group Atlantic, Inc., a consulting firm that has advised private, commercial, and governmental organizations on successful strategy development and operations improvement since 1992. He is also an author with Cutter Consortium’s Business Technologies Strategies practice and Enterprise Risk Management & Governance practice. He is currently advising on techniques for enabling change and a culture of continuous improvement. Scott’s corporate career began with a start-up firm that went from zero to 100 million dollars in just five years. Next Scott moved to a Fortune 50 conglomerate where he worked with industry-leading engineers, scientists and their executive management. Scott quickly ascended to management and was responsible for the development of groundbreaking, sophisticated products and services where he applied best practices in product development, manufacturing and quality.

During his more than 30 years experience he led successful multi-year, multimillion-dollar development programs and was responsible for completion of the world’s largest flexible manufacturing system for heavy equipment. His accumulated management experience ranges from growth companies to conglomerates in many industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, financial, insurance, retail, information services, and manufacturing. Scott is author of many professional papers and is a frequently invited keynote speaker at scores of conferences and company events. LinkedIn Profile: