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Board Members – Site and Forum Privileges

I just want to share with my fellow Board Members some neat stuff I just found out about…

After you Register on this website, an Administrator will upgrade your Role on this website from the default Role of Contributor, to Author.  As an Author, you will not only have the default Forum privileges to publish Posts and Replies/Comments, but as an Author, you can Post Events on the Calendar of Events.

Calendar of Events

The Calendar of Events enables our various committees to post things directly like:

  • General Meetings
  • Section Events
  • Board Meetings
  • Committee Meetings
  • Exam Dates
  • Co-Sponsored or Partner Events
  • Submission Deadlines for:
    • Newsletter Articles
    • Scholarship Applications
    • Recertification Packages
    • Other Section Business

Just go to the My Events page.  You must be logged-in to view the Page.  From there, you can post a new event, or edit/delete the events you own.

Private Posts

Another special privilege for Board Members (Authors) is the ability to view Private Posts.  These are just like regular Posts in the Discussion Forum, but they are only viewable by Board Members.  Only Editors and Administrators (Forum Moderators) can designate a Post as Private.  If you Publish a Post and want it changed to Private, send an email to  Or, we can Publish it for you as Private, and change the Owner to you, so you can manage it in My Dashboard.


Private Posts show “Private:” Prefix in the Title Bar.


The Moderation Team are Board Members that have volunteered to help manage the Website.  Moderators have the Role of Editor on this website.  Editors can do just about anything with the content on the website, regardless of who originally created it:

  • Create, Edit, and Delete Posts
  • Create, Edit, and Delete Pages
  • Create, Edit or Delete Frontpage Slider Content

Editors have access to the Backend (administrative settings) of this website.  If you are a Board Member interested becoming an Editor, and learning a little about WordPress, email:

Board Member Profiles

One last thing… After you Register, please be sure and complete your Profile.  Once you do… It will be added to the Board of Directors Page, and your committee Pages.

Hope this helps,