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A Message from your Vice Chair – Programs

From your program chair. – James Persaud

My Fellow members,
We take it that you had a most enjoyable summer break. The Chicago section of ASQ is ready to resume the program schedule.
Welcome back all.

We have a meeting on 13th September 2017. Please see our program schedule here –

You will notice at the upcoming meetings we have some interesting topics and a sort of social meeting/event. Yes, in November we plan on being at the Medieval Times. It was eventful the last time we had our agenda there. Please mark your calendars and plan on attending. We only have two meetings before the Medieval times and the end of the year. Make your recertification easy, accumulate those RU’s by attending. We look forward to meeting you.

As we review the meeting attendees list, we recognize several of the same names attending. A special “thank you” to our loyal and dedicated members who make the effort to attend. We also recognizing some new names. That is most encouraging. Keep on attending. Help us help you. Give us your feedback. We are here to help you our members. We want to improve what we offer our members. We can only do so by hearing from you. Make every effort to attend and give your input.
Here is what we ask of you our members –

  • Schedule time for the meetings
  • Register early
  • Attend the meetings
  • Bring your boss, a coworker, a friend a colleague to the meetings
  • Network at the meeting.
  • Share your ideas and thoughts; your feedback is critical to us improving what we do.
  • Volunteer to help on the Leadership committee (board).

You may also send your ideas, suggestions, comments or wanting to help, to me

Looking forward to meeting you at our meetings.
Bring someone along.
Meet, greet, eat and network.

James Persaud
Vice Chair Program

Chicago Section 1201 – Awarded PAR Gold

Great news!

Our Section has been awarded the PAR Performance Gold.   We have been working towards this goal for several years.  We finally achieved it.  Congratulations to all for your contribution.

Some of the key elements were our Treasurer’s meticulous on time submissions of the required reports, our World Class Auditing process, Programs’ innovating events, Membership’s new initiatives, Nik’s presentation at last year’s Member Leader Conference and our successful presentation on Sister Sections, spearheading a new corporate initiative, introducing Social Responsibility, HQ’s recognized efforts from our certification renewal process, the Proctoring, Jim fanning’s Website development and Eric’s Programs PAR submittals three years ago (it was kept alive), TI educating our volunteers and offering free tuition to our veterans, and all of the coordinated efforts/contributions from all of the member leaders / volunteers that make the Section work so well.

Thank you and congratulations to all for your dedication and selfless efforts.

Click Here for a list of all Awardees: 2016-Par-Award-Listing

Eric Jakubowski
Past Section Chair 1201

Start of TI Winter 2017 Classes Delayed

Start of TI Winter 2017 Classes Delayed

Triton College has suddenly and unexpectedly canceled the TI Room Rental Agreement as of December 15, 2016.

Currently, the TI has no location to hold classes. Every effort is being made to secure a new location. Regretfully the TI must delay start of Winter term classes until a new location is secured. The TI will notify you of the new location and start date when arrangements are made.

Your understanding and support is appreciated.
Andrew Weiss
TI Director

2016 Bunny Rock 5K Run/Walk 🗺

bunny2016 Bunny Rock 5K Run/Walk was a great success and a completely sold out charitable event. Weather blessed all participants with sunny skies making it a truly enjoyable experience. Donations made to the event charity (Red Door Animal Shelter) will be used for a great cause to help animals in need. On behalf of the ASQ Chicago Section, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all members and their families who participated in this volunteering charity event. We would like to extend our special thanks to our cheerful team leaders Lisa Royal and Diane Lange from Shure Inc. who participated in marathon and successfully completed the course setting a pace for the others. All of our volunteers contributed to the success of this charity event once again demonstrating their true compassion and unselfish caring. Citing Dr. Seuss: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ASQ Chicago Section is looking forward to upcoming volunteering events of 2016 and encouraging members to participate since together we can make a difference. “No man stands so straight as when he stoops to help another” – Please volunteer.

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