Certification / Re-certification

Ready to recertify?  Have questions about the process?  Contact our Section Recertification Chair, Edward McCarthy at mccarthyed@live.com or, 847.518.3274. Journals are reviewed and approved by Ed September through May each year.

If you have your submission ready, simply mail it to :

Edward J. McCarthy,SSBB,CQE,CQA
ASQ Section 1201 Recertification Chair
601 S. Greenwood Ave.
Park Ridge, IL  60068

Please, do not send your documents via certified or registered mail. Regular mail is fine.  Always keep a copy of at least the journal summary page until you get your new docs back from Milwaukee. We know this process can take a few weeks, to a few months to get new docs back in the mail from Milwaukee!

To keep your postage costs down, only submit two-sided copies of your documents.  And, you need only submit the required 18 CEU’s. It is not necessary to send proof and documentation for more than that requirement.

Lastly, in keeping with your boards desire to help any member of the 1201 maintain their hard earned certs.  If you find yourself short credits, in a bind for time or just have questions and the website did not provide answers, contact Ed. He has many unique and diverse ways to interpret the recert guidelines such that no member should have to retire or lose their certs. If you make an effort, Ed will work with you. Contact him via email at mccarthyed@live.com.

Ed McCarthy
Recertification Chair