Quality Engineering Professional

Quality Engineering Professional – Greensboro, NC


Our Client:

Our client is headquartered in North Carolina and is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company. This multi-operational division is profitable, has an excellent name in their industry and services multiple industrial markets. The company is stable, well run, and growing both domestically and internationally.


The Quality Engineer will ensure customer and regulatory requirements are satisfied. This position will take an active role in improving all processes company wide as well as focusing on improving all operations of the Quality Department.

 Supervise various quality personnel and functions


Develop and create measurement methods, techniques and instructions for inspectors.

Recommend measurement methods, techniques and instructions for all product acceptance criteria for production and work closely with production and the Manufacturing Engineer.

Develop and create statistically valid sample methods and techniques

Develop, create and continuously improve our production in process inspection procedures

Develop, create and implement continuous improvement projects utilizing pareto charts, control charts, cause and effect diagrams, histograms, kaizen, PDCA, six sigma, TOC, root cause analysis, error-proofing, robust design, etc.

Critical success factors & key challenges

Leading the department and company in metrology expertise- be able to quickly apply metrology knowledge to our products.

Leading, building and coaching the inspector team with their daily measuring parts tasks.

Develop statistical techniques for the department and company and demonstrate an ability to lead our entire organization in statistical thinking.

Knowledge, experience & capabilities


 Collecting and Summarizing Data/Quantitative Concepts

 Probability Distributions

 Statistical Decision-Making

 Relationships Between Variables

 Statistical Process Control (SPC)

 Process and Performance Capability

 Design and Analysis of Experiments


Identify, describe, and apply metrology techniques such as calibration systems, traceability to calibration standards, measurement error and its sources, and control and maintenance of measurement standards and devices.

Calculate, analyze, and interpret repeatability and reproducibility (Gage R&R) studies, measurement correlation, capability, bias, linearity, etc., including both conventional and control chart methods. (Evaluate)

Program CMM utilizing knowledge of 3D vector math, geometry, trigonometry, etc.

Able to read/interpret engineering drawings including GDT.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Elements of the Quality System Define, describe, and interpret the basic elements of a quality system, including planning, control, and improvement, from product and process design through quality cost systems, audit programs, etc. (Evaluate)

Documentation of the Quality System Identify and apply quality system documentation components, including quality policies, procedures to support the system, configuration management and document control to manage work instructions, quality records, etc. (Apply)

Quality Standards and Other Guidelines Define and distinguish between national and international standards and other requirements and guidelines, including the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA), and describe key points of the ISO 9000 series of standards and how they are used. [Note: Industry-specific standards will not be tested.] (Apply)

Quality Audits (internal and external)


Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field.

Certified with American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Quality Engineer preferred.

Five years of experience as a Quality Engineer and has five years of supervisory experience

Metrology and statistical capabilities

Strong communication skills

In confidence for additional information, please contact:

Paul Vogrinc

Vogrinc & Short, Inc. T: 815-394-1001 F: 815-394-1046